We are proud to highlight these breeders of our exceptional service dogs!

Amber Glen Kennels

Amber Glen breeds Golden Retrievers, specifically English Creams. They are the breeder of Haley, Hazel, Ian, Ivy, Jersey, and Jade! Located in Dallas, OR, Amber Glen raises their puppies in a home atmosphere, and all of their dogs have calm, even, temperaments especially well suited to service work.



Ivy, Ian, Jade, Jersey

Chehalem Mountain Farms Goldendoodles

Chehalem Mountain Farms has been raising and breeding goldendoodles in Newberg, OR since 1989. Their goldendoodle puppies are curious, intelligent, and full of life! Jake, Kenya, and Koda are from Chehalem Mountain Farms, and are all doing very well in our training program.




Killara Ridge Breeding and Research Center

Killara Ridge Breeding and Research Center is located in Portland, OR. Killara Ridge breeds multi-generation Australian Labradoodles, and specializes in non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly, family dogs. Their labradoodle puppies and dogs draw a lot of attention for their looks and winning personalities. The early socialization and neural stimulation offer great starts to all Killara Ridge puppies. Franklyn, Levi, Leah, and Lucie are all from Killara Ridge.





Project 2 Heal

To date we have received four puppies from P2H – Jett, Juba, Keely, and Kai. All four are in our service dog training program, and doing very well. Jett and Juba consistently receive compliments about their excellent behavior and even temperaments. Keely and Kai are showing a great combination of drive and intelligence that is taking them to the top of their training class. Not only are these dogs excellent candidates for service dogs in terms of their work ethic and motivation, they are some of the sweetest and nicest dogs we have worked with.





Sunset Goldens of Oregon

Sunset Goldens are the breeders of Hunter and Karma. In addition to service dogs, Sunset Goldens have gone on to become obedience dogs, hunting companions, or wonderful family pets. Breeding and raising Goldens is a full-time activity at their property in Banks, OR, and their focus on early socialization helps their pups develop into well-mannered canine citizens.



Trail’s End Labradoodles

Trail’s End Labradoodles, located in Sandy, OR, focuses on breeding dogs with calm, obedient, people-loving temperaments. Their puppies are born and raised in their home, offering a family environment from the start. Trail’s End focuses on early neural stimulation using the Bio Sensor method, as well as early exposure and socialization. Trails End Labradoodles are often perfectly suited for assistance or service dog work, as evidenced by our girls Indie and Izzie!