How your donations help

Most non-profit funding comes from the generosity of ordinary people with extraordinarily big hearts. At ASDA, donations subsidize the cost of our operations and pay for the breeding, healthcare, training and equipment all our dogs require.

Your financial support can provide:

  • $300 covers one spay or neuter
  • $500 feeds one dog for a year
  • $1,500 covers the cost of one puppy
  • $13,500 finances the cost of an ASDA service dog
  • $10 buys a dog brush or toy
  • $45 feeds one dog for one month
  • $100 buys a graduating dog’s pack, leash and collar
  • $350 subsidizes a dog’s annual healthcare

Please send checks or money orders to:

Autism Service Dogs of America
5232 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

Other convenient ways to give are by clicking on our PayPal link or by donating through our cause page on Facebook or Network for Good. You can also set your Amazon account to donate every time you shop by choosing ASDA as your charity using the Amazon Smile program!

Host a fundraising event

It’s surprising how much impact a party at your home, community center, or church can have. Invite potential donors to a fun event. After all guests arrive, relax and enjoy the food, tap on a glass and give a short introduction about ASDA, its purpose and need. Then pass the hat. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can raise from business associates, family and friends. And everybody has a good time while donating to a worthy cause.

Give when you shop online:

Log on to iGive and visit over 1000 online stores who generously contribute a portion of sales to non-profit organizations. This includes major retailers like Target, L.L. Bean, Barnes & Noble, Kmart, eBay, Dell, Petco, and Adidas, making giving to ASDA especially easy.

Want to make an even bigger difference? Please contact us for information
on creating a capital campaign or establishing a trust.

For donations of $250 or more, a printed receipt is available. Compliant with Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code, donations to ASDA may be tax deductible. For more information please refer to IRS publications 526 and 561.  ASDA is a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization.

ASDA Return and Refund Policy for Funds, Donations, Orders and Events: we hope you will not require a refund for any funds, donation, event registration or sponsorship. Should you need a refund we can accommodate those requests if you notify us by email or mail within 30 days of receiving funds. After receiving your refund request we will issue the refund within 30 business days. Refunds cannot be issued for orders, funds received and donations older than 30 days.

ASDA does not release any information on ASDA donors or program participants without expressed permission. We do not sell or release any information on those who use our website, and all personal and financial information is held confidential.