In the words of some of our satisfied families:

“I can watch Chester now when Jackson is about to have a fit, because I know the signals of Chester getting stressed … and I can stop it before it happens. Children with autism have no sense of boundaries – they just don’t know where they are in space. A lot of times you’ll see autistic kids hit themselves, and it’s like, ‘OK, that’s where my head is, that’s where my arm is.’ So, with him being tethered to Chester, Jackson will always have that sense of ‘I know where I am.’ It will help him concentrate; it will help him grow in so many ways.” –Christy E.

“Sam is awesome. He tolerated Brady’s many classmates as they petted and doted over him while he was tethered to Nicolas. Sam seemed to actually enjoy all of the attention. Nicolas is really getting the hang of how it works, and I witnessed him “turn around” to get the tether unwrapped when he got twisted up. Amazing. Thank you so much for Sam.” –Nanette C.

“Whether you know it or not, you have been the answer to my prayers. Literally, I had been praying for a way to keep Kaleb safe, happy and enjoying life to the fullest. We have ALWAYS had this safe place we call HOME but you have given our family THE WORLD! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say.” –Nichelle D.

“Joshua used to rely on the safety of his youth stroller to go into public places without tantruming. Now, with Charlie assisting him, he just walks right in to the grocery store, mall, church, bank, and even the doctor’s office.” –Leslie M.

“Blake is a lot calmer, especially when they are tethered together. Calmer in restaurants, not trying to get up and run around as much.” –Jim M.

“Yesterday, we went to an old car rally, which we never would have gone to before. When Blake’s not attached to Sam, Blake’s very hyperactive, always on the go. There was live music playing and we asked Blake to sit down, which he did—something he never would have done before. In the car, Blake chews on Sam’s tail, and Sam just lays there and watches him…Sam’s so gentle with Blake, it’s just wonderful. Within 2 weeks Blake was bonding with Sam, calling his name, refusing to get in the car to go bye-bye unless Sam was in the car.” –Mindy M.

“Lady has become a wonderful addition to our family. She has become Riley’s new world. She has allowed him to become a small part of society and has helped Riley with his verbal skills. Riley tries to give Lady her commands and plays with her all the time. It is very hard to put into words what Lady means to our family. We knew that dogs have a way with people, but to actually see her miracles is beyond what words can express. She and Riley have become very close and I know that he depends on her every day and so do we.” –Nicole P.

“Since Kasey received Duke he’s happier than we’ve ever seen him… has experienced few melt downs… he’s like a different boy. Thank you ASDA.” –Bobby Jo W.

“Milo has made more progress with Chad than anyone ever thought was even imaginable. He’s much calmer. He can concentrate for much longer periods of time. It’s almost like a cloud has lifted and the sun is shining.”
–Claire V.

The walk to the bus stop, a stroll of a couple hundred yards that most mornings takes Raven and James 20 minutes, an ordeal Raven has come to dread. On this particular morning — his first walk to the bus stop with Comet — James was tethered to the dog, walking a yard or two behind him, his hands free, his spirits high; his mother was at the dog’s side, holding Comet’s leash. The peaceful trek took five minutes. Raven shook her head in amazement. “It’s like I have a 7-year-old son.” –Raven M.