The important role of puppy-raisers in ASDA success

Why raise an ASDA puppy? Your first answer might be, “because puppies are so cuddly, adorable and fun!” And you’re right—puppies are terribly cute, and raising an ASDA puppy is a lot of fun. But raising a future service dog also takes time, patience and commitment. Our volunteers all share one trait in common: they are willing to devote the time, energy and love necessary to socialize a puppy.

Carefully-selected puppy raisers ensure that ASDA dogs are properly socialized and well-mannered. The dogs need exposure to all types of people and all kinds of environments, active as well as quiet. Puppies need stimulation, rest, and patient handling. The puppy-raiser’s goal is to raise an energetic and curious pup into a mature, dependable dog.

Although there is a lot of work involved in raising an ASDA puppy, the rewards are tremendous. By raising an ASDA puppy, you have made a huge difference in the quality of life for a child with autism and his or her family.